As a licensed architect specializing primarily on Northern California residential architecture, my greatest joy is imagining how a home will be experienced.  Many firms offer a multitude of services on many building types as if they were interchangeable. I see a distinct difference between the practice of residential and commercial design, and I focus on asking questions that are crucial for success.  I strive to provide designs that are fresh yet timeless. Most people will recount how light filtered through a certain window in a childhood home, where they like to work in their kitchen, and which floor surface feels best on their feet in the morning.  Residential architecture is about designing those poetic moments. A client once told me, “a house is like an old friend” and that thought drives the process most days.

Most architects, including myself, define their work as the combination of client, site, and budget. I am focused on a client-based approach to the design process.  I also believe that a strong skillfully coordinated relationship between the owner and contractor is vital. My work often includes introducing a client to the contracting process and giving the client the support and confidence they need to enjoy each phase of the work. The client’s selection of their architect is the important first step in a process aimed at managing the concerns surrounding the quality, budget, and time of their project.


I have been working directly with diverse clients on a broad stylistic range of residences in both new construction and remodeling since 1989. Though much of my work has been in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have also done work in the California Sierra Foothills; Martha’s Vineyard; Bozeman, Montana; and Kailua – Kona, Hawaii with budgets ranging from $85,000 to $9,500,000. My portfolio includes both tight-budget remodels of smaller homes to highly complex, high-dollar renovations and new construction. 

I established close relationships with several clients that resulted in multiple projects over many years. Notable assignments include landmark buildings, neighborhood analysis for project compatibility, complex multiple permit submittals for individual buildings, incorporation of antique architectural elements into new designs, material and finish development with artisans, construction bidding analysis, and coordination of numerous technical and design consultants.

Most projects were multi-level and pushed the limits for wood frame construction. Some remodeling and restoration projects required uncommon construction solutions to maintain original features. Because of the complexity of these projects, commercial construction methods and materials were often utilized. From these experiences I have developed an appreciation and understanding of how things work and can not only incorporate that skill into building design, but also participate in developing practical solutions to construction problems.


Telegraph Hill project with Studio Vara

Marthas Vineyard project with McEachron Architects and Breese Architecture

Telegraph Hill and Nevada City Photos by Kat Alves Photography

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